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Online Academy Terms and Conditions

Therapist Online Academy (hereinafter referred to as "the Academy") establishes the "Online Academy Terms of Service" (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms"). It is called.) is provided.


Article 1 (About this service)

This service is a membership-based online service that allows communication between the owner and members who transmit information about the academy, or between members, through various SNS.


Article 2 (Usage fees, etc.)

1. In order to use the Online Salon, it is necessary to pay the usage fee in advance to the Academy. Members can use the online salon during the validity period by paying the usage fee.

(Member's recurring payment will be made every month on the date the member makes the first payment.)

2. The usage fee varies depending on the salon, and is 11,000 yen (tax included) per month or 3,300 yen (tax included) per month. The validity period is until 23:59 on the day before the day of admission every month. Even in the case of membership registration or withdrawal in the middle of the month, the usage fee for the withdrawal month shall not be calculated on a daily basis.

3. In principle, membership registration shall be automatically renewed (hereinafter referred to as "automatic renewal") unless the member completes the withdrawal procedure, the owner completes the withdrawal procedure, or the membership qualification does not expire.


Article 3 (Refund)

1. As a general rule, the Academy does not refund usage fees and purchase prices paid by members.


Article 4 (Prohibitions)

Regarding the content in the online salon, the contract will be automatically canceled if the following acts are performed.

If you cause damage to TOA by any of the following actions, you may claim compensation for the damage.

・ Harassment, abusive language, slander, and other nuisances toward other students, TOA, related companies, and salons

・Secondary distribution and disclosure to third parties of teaching materials, videos, and know-how provided by TOA

・If you use the textbooks, videos, or know-how provided by TOA in your own lessons, etc. without the same permission.

・In the event that information obtained through TOA is disclosed to a third party (including disclosure via the Internet, SNS, or other means of communication).

・When soliciting other online salons, MLM, religion, or politics

Article 5 (Withdrawal)

Withdrawal process will take about 5 days. The date of enrollment will be the payment date of each month, so please be sure to complete the TOA LINE withdrawal and application for withdrawal procedures at least 5 days before the payment date of each month. ​

・ If you do not apply for withdrawal procedure 5 days before the payment date, it will be settled. Please note.

・The usage fee for that month will be charged regardless of when you apply for withdrawal in the withdrawal month.

Article 6 (Philosophy)

Let's get involved with fellow therapists, TOA members, and everyone else involved with love.

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