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TOA Curriculum

All curriculum contents of Programs 31 to 60 (applied)

​ * Practical skills, practice, and marketing are only for the Pro course

Program 31

・ Practice [Lomi Lomi on the back that won the world front ver]

・Psychology Law of Similarity】

Program 32

・ Practice [Lomi Lomi side ver on the back that won the world]

・ Psychology

Program 33

・Marketing [Empathy map to understand emotions and move hearts]

・ Psychology

Program 34

・ Practical skill [calf legs technique]

・Philosophy [Learn from Aristotle [Three elements of persuasion]

Program 35

・ Practical [calf weakness technique]

・Philosophy [Influence on others and yourself [uniform effect]]

Program 36

・Marketing [Contemporary Consumer Behavior Process DECAX]

・Psychology [Information Vaccine ~Vaccination Theory~]

Program 37

・Marketing [Why-why-why-analysis adopted by Toyota]

・ Psychology [Maslow's 5 levels of needs for utilization]

Program 38

・Applied skill [3D kneading]

・Management psychology [Pygmalion effect]

Program 39

・Applied practical skills [Introduction to leg lomilomi]

・Mind psychology [beyond the goal ~ meta outcome ~]

Program 40

・ Applied skills [the best first touch in the world]

・ Psychology [① Personal space basics] How to maintain an appropriate sense of distance

Program 41

・ Applied practical skills [Ashigaru method that customers can experience]

・【Basic knowledge of aroma reflexology】

Program 42

・ Applied practical skills [Aroma reflexology techniques, points and cautions]

・【CREC method of framework for motivating people】

Program 43

・ Applied practical skill [Aroma reflexology approach to stiff shoulders and swelling]

・[Fight in a field that produces results! Pareto's Principle】

Program 44

・ Applied practical skills [aroma reflexology, eye fatigue and constipation, large intestine approach]

・【Bringing out Jesus ~ Principle of Consistency ~】

Program 45

・Applied practical skill [Approach to the infraspinatus muscle]

・【How to heal the inner child】

Program 46

・Applied practical skill [Approach to rhomboid muscle]

・Psychology [The Barnum effect, which is an effective trigger for building trusting relationships]

Program 47

・Applied practical skill [Approach to teres major and teres minor]

・Mind psychology [Plateau phenomenon]

Program 48

・Applied practical skill [approach to levator scapula]

・ Mind Nomination [Technology to be helped and loved Ben Franklin effect]

Program 49

・Independent opening [independent opening mind]

・Mind nomination [enhancing effect to nurture proactively with intrinsic motivation]

Program 50

・Independent opening [independent start-up funds]

・ Group psychology [Stinzer effect that changes the impression depending on the position]

Program 51

・Independent opening [Selection of independent opening properties]

・ Psychology [Aronson's Law of Unfaithfulness]

Program 52

・Independent opening [Preparation just before opening independent interior, equipment, HP, SNS, WEB related]

・ Psychology [Continue with ◯◯ Zeigarnik effect]

Program 53

・Applied skills [massage of buttocks gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus]

・Marketing [PDCA cycle to find a winning formula]

Program 54

・Applied skills [Piriformis muscle massage and stretching method]

・ Behavioral psychology [10 times just by changing your options! law of jam]

Program 55

・Practice [Used in marketing Monitor training

・ Psychology [Unstoppable sunk cost effect]

Program 56

・ Practice [first-class wiping method]

・ Psychology [question skill UP open question]

Program 57

・Practice [(1) Hot stone therapy ~Okiishi~]

・ Psychology [Sales increase by proposing new ideal values ~ Diderot effect ~]

Program 58

・ Practice [(2) Hot stone therapy ~ version for sitting on the back of the stone ~]

・Psychology [A lot of deer are loved ~Hard to get technique~]

Program 59

・Practice [(3) Hot stone therapy ~ back leg version ~]

・ Psychology [Intimacy increases ~ Darkness effect ~]

Program 60

・ Practice [④ Hot stone therapy ~ back side version ~]

・Mind [mind for success]

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