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About withdrawal

Online Academy learning will continue even after one program is over.

You can hone your therapist's further depth, technical skills, and practice.

Also, by continuing TOA Academy, you can continue to receive benefits for academy students.

If you don't mind, I would be happy if we could continue to improve together.

If you still wish to withdraw

Thank you very much for joining TOA until now​

Thank you very much.

Each and every student

I wish you success!

Takuto Kawakami official LINEfree online salonYou can still join for free.

Please also come to the event.

I look forward to working with you.

​Withdrawal notes

Withdrawal process will take about 5 days.

The enrollment date will be the monthly payment date, so please be sure to complete the withdrawal procedure application at least 5 days before the monthly payment date.

* If you do not apply for withdrawal procedure 5 days before the payment date, it will be settled. Please note.

* No matter when you apply for withdrawal, you will be charged the usage fee for that month.

*There have been cases in which communication from the management office has not been received due to spam mail reception rejection settings. If you have set your e-mail refusal settings, please set so that you can receive e-mails from "". ​


*If there is no contact from the management office even after a few days have passed after applying for withdrawal, it may be treated as spam. Please check your spam folder.


To withdraw


Please apply for withdrawal from the form below.

Thank you for submitting. I sincerely wish you success!

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