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​A school where you can learn anywhere in the world

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The world's best therapist Takuto Kawakami handles

​ Online school to become a first-class and loved therapist


therapist online academy
Regarding the end of accepting new enrollments in the current distribution system

Thank you for your continued patronage of TOA.

Now,July 15, 2022From now on, TOA will start operating the new distribution system.

Along with this, in the current distribution system that has been patronized since November 2020,We will stop accepting new enrollments on July 15, 2022.

* Please be assured that there is no difference in the learning and distribution content provided by the old and new distribution systems, and the monthly usage fee.

*After July 15, 2022, from the "Enrollment application" button on this siteNew enrollment applicationI can't. please note.


[For those who enrolled before July 15, 2022]
●You can continue to use the services you are currently using without the need for new procedures. Also, please be assured that there will be no changes to the contract details such as the name of the service you are currently using, service content, monthly usage fee, etc.


[For those who are planning to enroll after July 15, 2022]
●Please apply for admission from the URL below. ​ Applications can be made from July 15th.

●In addition, the Basic course will be abolished in the new distribution system. Compared to the Pro course, there are fewer people taking the course, and the content of the Basic course is included in the Pro course, so we decided to unify it into the Pro course.


We are very sorry for the sudden report, but we will continue to work on further service improvement for everyone in the future, so we appreciate your understanding.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact the secretariat.

TOA Secretariat

【世界一のマッサージ技術】セラピスト世界大会 優勝の手技【Therapist who won the world massage competition】Лучший массаж в мире

【世界一のマッサージ技術】セラピスト世界大会 優勝の手技【Therapist who won the world massage competition】Лучший массаж в мире

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Takuto Kawakami


best therapist in the world

2011 Omotesando Sheryl Angeli Open

2012 Appointed manager of Sheryl Angeli

2013 Established Japan Men's Therapist Association Representative Director

2014 Men's Therapist Academyfounding

2015 Opening of Beauty Garage Academy as a lecturer

2016 Established International Therapy Association Representative Director

2017 Business trip massage Uchi SPA establishment

2018 Established Amont Co., Ltd.

2019 World Congress of Therapists in Paris, France


2020 Opening of Therapist Online Academy

Since 2011, when male therapists are still not common, he has been involved since the launch of the male therapist's aroma salon [Sheryl Angeli] in Omotesando, and has been active as a pioneer of male therapists!
At the beginning of the opening, he was an unfamiliar male therapist, and in a situation where he could not advertise and no customers came to the store, he worked hard.
Create an association for male therapists, start volunteer activities and training male therapists, and revitalize the male therapist industry.
Became the youngest lecturer since the opening of the beauty vocational school [BG Academy] of the Tokyo Stock Exchange listed company [Beauty Garage], and was in charge of the lecturer.
It has also been featured in various media.
Appeared in [Masahiro Nakai's Library], performed treatment with Yoshiko Gambareruya in [Deep Good Story], and experienced treatment with Anna Umemiya and Erika Yamakawa in a TV interview. Interview with Minako Tanaka and Akiko Ikuina.
Volunteer activities at temporary housing, facilities for the elderly, and facilities for the disabled in the disaster area were reported on TV and in newspapers.
In addition, I have acquired various skills through training in various countries around the world (France, USA, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, Cambodia, China, South Korea, etc.).
Established the International Therapy Association, partnered with a five-star hotel spa in China, and partnered with a traditional Thai school in Thailand to teach in Chiang Mai.

World Congress of Therapists held in Paris, France in 2019
Winner of the International Division!

Winning the competition as the only male therapist among the winners!
Becoming the best therapist in the world!

Heal the world with his friends with the life goal of [healing the world].


6 points

TOA 6 Points

multiple angles
1.​ Learn from different angles

The Pro-only practical videos will be delivered with three cameras from three angles: close-up of hands, whole body movement, and from directly above.
By viewing from various angles, you can check how to move your body, how to move your hands, and the overall flow.

2. The world's best technology over and over again

Since it is a class format that learns with video content, you can review it repeatedly as many times as you like.
Even if you forget, you can check and review at any time by looking back at the video immediately. You can learn and practice on your own time.

IMG_5800 8.jpg
3. Wherever you are in the world

Because it is a school where you can learn online, you can acquire skills even if you are in Japan or overseas.

The joy of learning as a therapist by learning techniques from all over the world while staying in your favorite place.

free to learn

スクリーンショット 2020-10-12 4.42.40.png
4. ITA Accredited Diploma

You can get a diploma (certificate of completion) after completing the prescribed curriculum of the online academy.
It can be learned in about half a year (30 programs).
Acquired an online academy completion certificate certified by the International Therapy Association

スクリーンショット 2020-10-24 4.53.45.png
Peace of mind support
5. Peace of mind consultation support

In the Pro course, you can receive a group consultation limited to the Pro course, where you can consult about concerns about opening a business and advice on salon management.Share your learnings at our regular meetings.

We will help you to become a first-class therapist.

写真 2016-10-11 16 34 08.jpg
6. ​ Cherish the connection

Since 2013, I feel the importance of the community through the management of the general incorporated association. Hold regular practice sessions in each region to regularly check the techniques you learned online, support interaction between therapists, and improve each other with like-minded friends..



Back Massage

Pro practice

Practical Skill

・Towel work 
・Rear side of foot 
・Back surface 
・Front leg 
・Arm hand 
・Head face

スクリーンショット 2020-10-24 4.53.45.png

Pro practice


·Case Study
・Total role play
・After-sales counseling for next appointment 
・ Customer service manners 
・Flow from salon visit to exit 


Professional Marketing


・Nomination studies
・Nomination repeat rate up
・ Nominated customer attraction
・Nominated branding
・Continued nomination
・Nominated USP setting
・Named persona settings 

About Diploma
スクリーンショット 2020-10-12 4.42.40.png

We issue a diploma only for the Pro course.

Program 30 (Basics), Program60 (Application version), Program90 (Instructor version), you can take each final exam and issue a diploma to those who pass the exam.

●It will be a multiple-choice online test. There are no practical exams or anything like that.

●The diploma will be sent by mail.

●Program will be delivered one program every week. It will be a curriculum of 30 weeks (about 7 months) until each final exam.

Back Massage



・Communication psychology
・Behavioral psychology
・Customer service psychology
・Therapist psychology

​Love psychology


consciousness spirit 

・Knowledge of the therapist
The most important philosophy for therapists
・Mind to be nominated

・Subconscious mind


anatomy physiology

Anatomical physiology

・If the flow of lymph changes, the flow of life changes.
If you can control your autonomic nervous system, you can control your life

​ course



Pro course

¥11,000 (tax included) per month

An online course where you can learn all the techniques of winning a world championship
Even beginners can learn with confidence because they will learn from the basics. A full-fledged course where you can learn all six curriculums to become a professional therapist


・ Practical skill (with text)
・Anatomy and physiology

This online course is generously packed with everything you need to become a top-notch therapist from scratch.


[Pro course benefits]

  • Pro-only videos delivered twice a week (with Pro-only practical textbooks)

  • TOA Pro Limited Line Group Invitation​

  • TOA Pro Limited Group Consulting

  • Each region workshop, limited event special price invitation

  • News, event information

  • Issuing Diploma(Program 30, Program 60 completion test passers)

online salon


An online salon for first-class therapists.
Become the official LINE community to heal the world

  • TOA limited video irregular delivery

  • Regular workshops, various event invitations

  • News, event information

Click here for free online salon participation

heal the world

Each therapist heals the world.

We provide our customers with a bright, healthy and well-balanced future.

TOA therapist online academy

​We will increase the number of therapists who are proud and confident.


​Contact us


Please use the form below to contact us.
We will respond within 3-5 days.

  • ​Before contacting us,[FAQFrequently Asked Questions]Please check the page.
  • ​International Therapy School (ITS) inquiriesherefromplease.
  • Please note that depending on the content of the inquiry, it may take some time to respond or we may refrain from responding.
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  • ​If you do not receive a response within a few days after making an inquiry, it may be treated as spam. Please check your spam folder. If it does not arrive in the spam folder, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact us again from the form.
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