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​Be sure to check the terms and conditions before applying
* This is the application page for those who newly enrolled before July 14, 2022, and who are re-enrolling or resuming classes.

* For those who are new to the school and those who have entered the school after July 15, 2022herePlease follow the procedure from


【please confirm】


*Please select the same course and register/use the same email address as before re-enrolling or resuming classes.

* There have been cases where emails have not been delivered due to spam email reception rejection settings. If you have set the reception refusal setting, please set to allow "" in the specified domain reception.


*ApplicationIt may take several days from the date of the procedure (payment date) until delivery resumes. Please note.


  • Proコース

    Every month
    • Pro限定動画 毎週2本(テキスト付)
    • Pro限定ライングループ招待​
    • Pro限定グループコンサル
    • 地域研修会、イベント特別価格招待
    • お知らせ、イベント情報
    • ディプロマ発行
  • Basicコース

    Every month
    • 限定動画 毎週1本配信
    • 各地域研修会、各種イベント招待
    • お知らせ、イベント情報
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